‘‘Cristo d’Angelo’’
Famous spirit control, first manifested in a direct voice séance
of the medium George Valiantine in 1922 in the United
States. Five years later, on March 25, 1927, the voice of ‘‘Cristo
d’Angelo’’ was recorded on gramophone in Lord Charles
Hope’s apartment in London. It was heard a month later by the
Italian Marquis Carlo Centurione Scotto in the apartment of
H. Dennis Bradley at a Valiantine séance.
On request of the Marquis, ‘‘Cristo d’Angelo’’ established
himself as his control from May 12, 1927, the day of the first
Crehore, John Davenport Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
Millesimo séance onward but also manifested several times at
the ‘‘Margery’’ séances in Boston when Valiantine was present.
The spirit control figured in some interesting crosscorrespondences
between Millesimo Castle and Boston records.
Cristo d’Angelo claimed he was a Sicilian shepherd on
earth, a native of Sant Anselmo al Monte in the neighborhood
of Palermo, and was with Garibaldi at Calatifimi. He died at age
76 of acute pneumonia. Dr. Carlo Marchese, a physician of Catania,
attempted to trace his life. He found a village of the
name in the province of Palermo, but obtained no further
proof of the real existence of Cristo d’Angelo.
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