A medieval Spanish legend that tells how Amadis of Gaul
and his wife Oriana of the Firm Island had the wicked enchanter
Archelous in their keeping but set him free in answer to his
wife’s entreaties. Certain calamities occurred that were attributed
to Archelous, and Amadis’s son Esplandian was carried off
by the enchantress Urganda. The legend goes on to relate the
adventures of Esplandian, including how he was given a magic
sword and killed a dragon. With this sword he also succeeded
in killing Archelous himself and his nephew, and he then set
Esoteric Society Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
free a kinsman. His next opponent was Matroed, son of Arcobone,
whom he also vanquished. Finally, he utterly destroyed
the stronghold of Archelous and freed the land from the pagan
influence of Matroed.