The name of the nonphysical entity channeled by Jach Pursel.
Pursel first became aware of this entity in the 1970s when
on a business trip as part of the accelerated executive program
with State Farm Insurance. He reportedly had a visionary experience
while meditating, and the ‘‘Lazaris’’ entity manifested.
Later Pursel began channeling ‘‘Lazaris’’ to his wife Peny and
eventually to groups of friends and to individuals seeking guidance
in life.
Since forming the home-based organization Concept Synergy,
Pursel has channeled ‘‘Lazaris’’ to as many as 850 people
in afternoon and weekend programs with visitors from Australia,
Argentina, Switzerland, and Hong Kong. Pursel has traveled
throughout North America, and ‘‘Lazaris’’ has been consulted
by celebrities such as Shirley MacLaine, Michael York,
and others.
‘‘Lazaris’’ manifests without exotic settings of New Age incense,
robes, and candles. Pursel simply sits on a chair, goes
into trance, and the ‘‘Lazaris’’ speeches begin. Concept Synergy,
which publishes and distributes audio and videotapes of
‘‘Lazaris,’’ may be contacted at P.O. Box 3285, Palm Beach, FL
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