‘‘Pelham, George’’
Pseudonym of ‘‘George Pellew,’’ control of the famous medium
Leonora E. Piper (1859–1950). In earthly life, Pellew was
a lawyer by education but a writer by preference. He often argued
with his friend, researcher Richard Hodgson, that the
idea of survival after death was not only improbable but inconceivable.
Hodgson claimed that if not probable, it was at least
conceivable. Pellew promised that if he died first he would return
and ‘‘make things lively.’’ In February 1892, when he was
32 years old, he was killed in New York by a fall.
On March 22, the spirit entity ‘‘George Pellew’’ made his
first appearance in Piper’s automatic script and from 1892 to
1898 he talked with some 130 people of whom 30 had previously
known him. He addressed each of them in the tone and
manner which he used in his lifetime.
From 1892 until 1897 he shared control with ‘‘Phinuit.’’
With the appearance of the ‘‘Imperator’’ group, who assumed
the control function in Piper’s mediumship, ‘‘Phinuit’’ completely
disappeared and ‘‘Pellew’s’’ communications became
rare. He said that he was ‘‘advancing’’ in the afterlife and thus
getting farther away from the physical realm. Finally he disappeared
altogether. He was originally referred to in séance reports
as ‘‘Pelham’’ or ‘‘G.P.’’ to protect anonymity.