One of the spirit controls of William Stainton Moses, said
to have been Hippolytus, pupil of Irenaeus, who was Bishop of
Records and Cassettes A Selected Guide Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
Portus, the harbor of Rome opposite to Ostia. He was banished
in 235 C.E., when Maximin succeeded Alexander Severus. ‘‘Rector’’
first manifested on January 4, 1873. His distinctive sign
was his heavy tread, which shook the room. His main duty was
to act as amanuensis for ‘‘Imperator’’ and the other spirits.
After the earlier books, almost all the writing was done by him.
He had the power of reading books paranormally. The experiments
which were conducted to test this ability proved
highly successful. When the ‘‘Imperator’’ group took control of
the séances of the medium Leonore E. Piper, ‘‘Rector’’ manifested
in his old role as amanuensis and spiritual adviser again