Entity channeled through the medium Jane Roberts, the
public name of Jane Butts (1929–1984). The communications
from Seth began in 1963, when Jane and her husband Robert
Servants of Awareness Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
Butts first experimented with an ouija board. Later, Jane went
into a trance, and when ‘‘Seth’’ spoke through her, Jane’s voice
and features changed character.
The ‘‘Seth’’ material comprises a mass of teachings in manuscript
and on tape recordings, much of which has been edited
and issued in a series of books. The philosophy presented is coherent
and continuous, covering teachings on dreams, health,
reincarnation, astral projection, and the relationship of
human beings to their creator. The teachings are comprehensive,
dealing with ‘‘aspect psychology’’ (different levels of
awareness and grades of reality in relation to mobile consciousness),
the nature of the soul, death, and after-death experiences.
In a communication titled ‘‘The Unknown Reality,’’ ‘‘Seth’’
‘‘The individual self must become aware of far more reality,
it must allow its identity to expand to include previously unconscious
knowledge. Your species is in a time of change—you are
now poised on the threshold from which the race can go many
ways. Potentials within the body’s mechanisms, not as yet used,
can immeasurably enrich the race and bring it to levels of spiritual,
psychic, and physical fulfillment. But if some changes are
not made, the race will not endure. . . . I am suggesting ways
in which the unknown reality can become a known one.’’
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