‘‘Yram’’ (1884–1917)
Pseudonym of Dr. Marcel Louis Forhan, pioneer French experimenter
and writer on astral projection, i.e., out-of-thebody
travel. Forhan was born on November 17, 1884, at Corbell,
France. About 1911 he became a member of the Theosophical
Society and investigated psychic phenomena and
About this time he had his first experience of astral projection
and developed an awareness of higher worlds. It is claimed
that he was able to travel astrally from China, where he lived
for some years, to France, where he had friends and relatives.
His experience of invisible worlds is related in his book
L’Evolution dans les mondes supérieures. He died in China on October
1, 1917.
Yram [Marcel Louis Forhan]. Le Medecine de l’Ame. English
edition as Practical Astral Projection. London, 1935. Reprint,
New York Samuel Weiser, 1966.