3a Visao
3a Visao (3rd Vision) is one of two newsstand periodicals
serving the psychic and esoteric community of Portugal.
Launched in 1997, it is designed to cover issues in the areas of
mysticism, parapsychology, spiritualism, astrology, nonconventional
science, and natural medicine. Each issue includes a
set of feature articles that cover psychic experiences, esoteric
sciences (astrology, numerology, etc.), health, and the personal
appropriation of esoteric truth (an inner vision). The esoteric
community in Portugal, while having a long history, remains
relatively small, though it has been bolstered by the influx of
immigrants from Asia and the Middle East during the last decades
of the twentieth century. The older theosophical and Spiritualist
organizations have been joined by groups promoting
new religions, Asian healing techniques, and channeling. As
the great majority of the Portuguese public is unfamiliar with
the occult world, many of the articles are presented at an introductory
level. While a range of literature available in Portuguese
is advertised, the magazine does not include a book review
3a Visao is a full-color magazine published by 3a Visao Editores
and edited by a man who goes by the single name of Papalus.
He is assisted by a staff of writers drawn from the Portuguese-speaking
communities in Brazil and India. 3a Visao also
cosponsors events in Portugal aimed at promoting its general
area of interest. 3a Visao may be contacted at its editorial offices
at Rua Almirante Cesar Augusto Campos Rodrigues, n.16–13
Esq., 2795 Carnaxide, Portugal.
3a Visao. Carnaxide, Portugal, n.d.