3D Nibiruan Council
The 3D Nibiruan Council is one of several channeling organizations
that, like the Ashtar Command, claim contact with a
set of extraterrestrial beings. Its earthly presence dates from
1992 and a traumatic experience in the life of a trainer and entrepreneur
named Jocelyn. While in the hospital for an abortion,
she lost consciousness, and a second personality who
called herself Jelaila emerged in her place. The new personality
described herself as a walk-in. Jelaila assumed the role of
mother to Jocelyn’s daughter Daniele.
Jelaila describes her pre-embodied life as that of a 9thdimensional
being. When she walked in, she was unaware of
her mission but in May 1993 made contact with Devin, the head
of the 9D Nibiruan Council. He began training her and awakening
her to her role as a channel and voice of the Nibiruan
Council on earth.
The Greater Nibiruan Council is seen as the largest council
of the Galactic Federation (the interplanetary authority mentioned
and described in flying saucer contactee literature beginning
since the 1950s). It serves as the primary governing
arm of the Federation. Among its many duties are supporting
Federation emissaries to various planets, developing communications
between various planetary beings, and initiating training
for potential new members of the Federation (such as
The Greater Nibiruan Council consists of a set of what are
described as dimensional councils, among them beiing the 9D
(or ninth dimension) Nibiruan Council. This oldest Council in
the Greater Council has the task of coordinating efforts with
other councils and with various Spiritual Hierarchies for the
evolution of all souls. In particular it has charge of the Earth
Grand Experiment. The 9D Nibiruan Council is said to be
composed of two royal families, Aln and Avyon, from the Lyra
The 3D Nibiruan Council has the responsibility of representing
the higher councils on Earth and of supplying the 9D
tools of Integration to Earthlings. It carries out this function
through the publication of books and other materials and the
sponsoring of seminars and workshops. the 3D Council was formally
organized in 1996 in Kansas City, Missouri, and moved
to Los Angeles in 1998. That same year, Jelaila married John
Starr. In December 1998, John Starr experienced a walk-in an
was replaced by an entity personality named Jehowah, a 9D
Council member and brother of Divan who had trained Jelaila.
The Nibiruan Council is one of a spectrum of groups that
see the human race preparing for ascension to a higher dimension
in the near future and who see a key to that ascension
being the recodings of the individual’s DNA. It offers training
in what is termed the Accelerated DNA Recoding Process. This
training among its many benefits, releases painful memories of
the past. The Council also offers training in the realization and
manifestation on compassion.
A more complete description of the larger Nibiruan Council
and a presentation of its program are found on its website at
3D Nibiruan Council. httpwww.nibiruancouncil.com.
February 28, 2000.