Abadie, Jeannette See Jeannette D’Abadie
A Scythian high priest of Apollo and a renowned magician.
He chanted the praises of Apollo, his master, so flatteringly
that the god gave him a golden arrow on which he could ride
through the air like a bird. Therefore, the Greeks called him
the Aerobate. Pythagoras, his pupil, stole this arrow from him
and thus accomplished many wonderful feats. Abaris foretold
the future, pacified storms, banished disease, and lived without
eating or drinking. With the bones of Pelops, he made a statue
of Minerva, which he sold to the Trojans as a talisman descended
from heaven. This was the famous Palladium, which protected
and rendered impregnable the town wherein it was lodged.

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