Abraxas (or Abrasax)
The Basilidian sect of Gnostics of the second century
claimed Abraxas as their supreme god and said that Jesus
Christ was only a phantom sent to Earth by him. They believed
that his name contained great mysteries, as it was composed of
the seven Greek letters which form the number 365, the number
of days in a year. Abraxas, they thought, had under his
command 365 gods, to whom they attributed 365 virtues, one
for each day. The older mythologists consider Abraxas an
Egyptian god, and demonologists describe him as a demon
with the head of a king and with serpents forming his feet. Ancient
amulets depict Abraxas with a whip in his hand, and his
name inspired the mystic word abracadabra.
Drury, Nevill, and Stephen Skinner. The Search for Abraxas.
London: Spearman, 1972.

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