Academy of Parapsychology and Medicine
An important but short-lived organization founded in California
in 1970 with the basic belief that spirit and matter are
a unity. The academy held that the true nature of healing must
be sought in that unity and the interrelationship of body, mind,
and spirit in health and disease. Treatment of disease should
be directed at the whole person, and any lasting healing of the
physical body should synthesize mental, emotional, and spiritual
aspects. This belief restates traditional Hindu yoga teachings
in a Western context.
The academy served its membership by offering symposia,
workshops, and publications (including APM Report, published
quarterly for members). Investigating paranormal and unorthodox
healing, the academy presented its research findings to
both professional medical and lay communities. It sponsored
seven major symposia between 1971 and 1974, primarily in the
San Francisco and Los Angeles areas, as well as Chicago, New
York, and Philadelphia. Other activities included one-day seminars
on acupuncture and biofeedback and nine two-day acupuncture
workshops. In June 1974 the academy presented a
symposium on nontraditional approaches to treatment of the
developmentally disabled, sponsored jointly with the Division
of Retardation of the state of Florida’s Department of Health
and Rehabilitative Services. The academy laid the groundwork
for the formation of the American Holistic Medical Association
in 1978. (See also Healing Center for the Whole Person)
The Dimensions of Healing: A Symposium. Los Altos, Calif.:
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The Varieties of the Healing Experience. Los Altos, Calif.: Academy
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