Achad, Frater (1886–1950)
The magical name assumed by Charles Stansfeld Jones
(1886–1950), a British occultist and author who lived in Canada
and founded the Fellowship of Ma-Ion. He was a follower
of magician Aleister Crowley who designated him his magical
Jones is to be distinguished from theosophical writer
George Graham Price who channeled two popular texts, Melchizedek
Truth Principles (1963) and Ancient Mystical White Brotherhood
(1971), both published under the pseudonym Frater
Achad. Little is known of Price’s life apart from his channeling
the two books.
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Body of God. New York: Samuel Weiser, 1969.
Achad, Frater [George Graham Price]. Ancient Mystical White
Brotherhood. Lakemont, Ga.: CSA Press, 1971.
———. Melchizedek Truth Principles. Phoenix, Ariz.: Lockhart
Research Foundation, 1963.

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