Addey, John (1920–1982)
Theosophist and astrologer, born at Barnsley, Yorkshire,
England, on June 15, 1920. Addey earned his master’s degree
from Saint John’s College, Cambridge. He became interested
in astrology while at Cambridge, and after World War II he
joined the Theosophical Society’s Astrological Lodge, which
brought him into a long-term relationship with C. E. O. Carter.
In 1948 Carter established the Faculty of Astrological Studies
to train astrologers, and Addey became one of its first students,
obtaining his diploma in 1951.
Within a few years, however, he found himself doubtful of
his art and its scientific underpinnings. He turned to scientific
research, his most important focus centering on longevity and
people suffering from polio. His observations led him to the
development of a ‘‘wave’’ theory of astrology. He subsequently
moved to integrate completed and ongoing statistical studies
of astrological effects and the insights of Hindu astrology into
what he termed harmonics, a system of astrology that emphasizes
the integral divisions of the horoscope chart. He saw in
harmonics a method of bringing a united theoretical base to
the many different systems of astrology that were emerging in
the postwar world.
In 1958 Addey led in the founding of the Astrological Association,
a professional association of astrologers primarily in
Great Britain. His underlying agenda was the development of
harmonic theory, which he presented in a series of booklets in
the 1970s.
Harmonics was initially received with some enthusiasm by
Addey’s astrological colleagues; however, as astrologers worked
with Addey’s thought, they found it was too abstract and offered
little insight to assist in the essential task of interpreting an astrological
chart. As such, Addey’s theoretical work was soon forgotten,
though his empirical studies remain a major building
block of contemporary astrology’s attempt to provide astrology
with an acceptable scientific base.
In 1970 Addey founded the Urania Trust, which had the exceedingly
ambitious goal of reintegrating astrology into astronomy,
an objective on which almost no progress has been made.
Addey also served a term as editor of the Astrological Journal.
Addey died in 1982.
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