Adelphi Organization
The Adelphi Organization dates to 1976 when Richard
Kieninger, the founder of the Stelle Group, left Stelle, Illinois,
and founded a second group near Dallas, Texas. Kieninger’s
autobiographical volume The Ultimate Frontier had provided the
main teaching at Stelle, but he was asked to leave the community
after his sexual liaisons with several of the married women
were discovered. The new organization was modeled on Stelle
and had the same goal, which Kieninger had been given by his
teacher, of building a new nation that would survive the disasters
at the end of the twentieth century.
After Kieninger left Stelle, a significant power struggle developed.
His former wife, the president of the corporation, and
the entire board of trustees resigned and left the community.
Those remaining reestablished relations with Kieninger. Stelle
and Adelphi reunited, the headquarters moved to Texas, and
Kieninger was named chairman of the board. However, in
1986, Kieninger was again forced out and founded a shortlived
group, the Builders of the Nation of God. A short time
later Kieninger was accepted back at Adelphi and at that point
Adelphi and Stelle went their separate ways.
Adelphi continues with its program of building a city on an
island in the Pacific Ocean. The Adelphi Organization publishes
a newsletter, Adelphi Quarterly, and can be reached at PO Box
2423, Quinlan, TX 75474. Website:
The Adelphi Organization. March
8, 2000.
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