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Affiliate Disclosure

This affiliate disclosure details affiliate relationships that Drugsgone… … Dot Com has with other companies and products.

In compliance with the FTC guidelines we have to mention the following about all links, posts, photos and other material on this website:

Some of the links on this blog or website could be affiliate links of which Drugsgone… Dot Com receives a small commission from sales of certain items.

Drugsgone… Dot Com is a participant in many affiliate sites. Pages on this site may include affiliate links to to these sites on which the owner of this website could make a referral commission.

What is an Affiliate Link?

Some of the links on Drugsgone… Dot Com are affiliate links. This means that a special tracking code is used and that I may make a small commission on the sale of an item if you purchase through one of these links. The price of the item is usually always the same for you whether it is an affiliate link or not, and using affiliate links helps me to maintain this website and support my family and my mission to help people with addiction and other things.

In some cases, I may also use a link and provide a discount code for an item. In these cases, I may still earn an affiliate commission and the price may actually be LESS for you by using this link or tracking code. However, I’m different than some people who do this. I will NOT support an affiliate that I morally or ethically do not believe in. I only have links on my sites that I truly believe that you could benefit from. I listen to my customers and followers. If I hear that people are unhappy, that link will be removed, regardless of what it’s making me in commissions.

But, for simplicity, assume that any link on Drugsgone… Dot Com could be an affiliate link and that I may/will make a commission if you purchase through these links. Everyone has to pay the bills, right?!

If you are going to purchase a product and would like to help support the Drugsgone… Dot Com mission (which I would be very grateful for!), you can also donate. I will be giving half of all proceeds to rehab centers that I believe in, and will post the checks i send on my site.

When Do I Use Affiliate Links?

If I post an affiliate link to a product, it is something that I personally use or really believe in and support and would recommend without an affiliate link. I use an affiliate link by seeking things that I already like or use in my day to day life, and if I find an affiliate link for that, I will review it or use it myself to see if my followers could benefit from it in order to post it. And it goes without saying, any profit I get is reinvestment into my business so I can have time to provide more services and pay my ‘helpers’ to produce at a rate to satisfy my followers.

I do not accept free products for review and also disclose if I am affiliated with a company in any other way that benefits me financially.

I know that many bloggers accept free products for review or write sponsored posts and while I personally don’t find anything wrong with this (as long as the nature of the relationship is disclosed properly), it is my personal policy to purchase products and use them myself before promoting to or linking to them. In many cases, I am offered free products for review and refuse them.

My first priority is always providing resources to help you create positive changes in your life, and I will only ever link to products or resources (affiliate or otherwise) that fit within this purpose.


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Thanks for your support!

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