Aho, Wayne Sulo (1916– )
Wayne Aho, one of the 1950s flying saucer contactees, was
the founder of a small New Age religion, the Cathedral of the
Stars. Born on August 24, 1916 in Woodland, Washington, he
dated the beginning of his religious career to a childhood experience.
When he was only 12 he had heard a voice telling him
that he would be able to do something great for humanity in
his later life. He joined the Army as a young man and eventually
rose to the rank of major during World War II (1939–45).
Several additional experiences similar to the one he had
had in childhood occurred in the years after the war. Among
the more vivid was a vision of a crack in the Earth as a result
of an impending atomic war. Then in 1957, while attending the
Giant Rock Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention, then the
largest annual gathering of flying saucer buffs, he claimed he
was lured away, and at a distance of some two miles from the
convention site, a saucer landed. Once on the ground, the saucer,
an object of another dimension, vanished, but Aho received
telepathic messages presenting him with a mission in
life. That evening he had an intense visionary experience that
he described as a cosmic initiation. He founded Washington
Saucer Intelligence and began to tell anyone who would listen
of his knowledge of the flying saucer inhabitants. Numerous articles
of his lectures appeared in newspapers and UFO periodicals.
In 1958 Aho became associated with Otis T. Carr, a man involved
in selling shares in a free energy company. Aho believed
that Carr could create a saucer that could fly to the moon, and
joined him on the lecture circuit. The association proved disastrous
when Carr was indicted and convicted of fraud. Charges
were dropped against Aho when it was determined that he had
also been hoaxed in by Carr. In 1961 Aho was committed to a
mental hospital, an event he later attributed to Communist
agents opposed to his flying saucer message.
After his brief hospitalization, Aho returned to the state of
Washington and established the New Age Foundation, the precursor
to the Cathedral of the Stars that opened in 1975. He
published an account of his contacts with the space beings and
remained the leader of his small group through subsequent
years. By the 1980s he had faded into obscurity.
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