Alchindus (or Alkindi) (ca. ninth century
Arabian doctor and philosopher of the ninth century regarded
by some authorities as a magician but by others as
merely a superstitious writer. He used charmed words and
combinations of figures in order to cure his patients. De
monologists maintained that the devil was responsible for his
power, and based their statements on the fact that he had written
a work entitled The Theory of the Magic Arts. He was probably,
however, nothing more formidable than a natural philosopher
at a time when all matters of science and philosophy were
held in suspicion. Some of his theories were of a magical nature,
as when he attempted to explain the phenomena of
dreams by saying that they were the work of the elementals,
who acted their strange fantasies before the mind of the sleeper
as actors play in a theater. But on the whole there is little to
connect him with the practice of magic

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