Alexander ab Alexandro (Alexandro
Alessandri) (ca. 1461–1523)
A Neapolitan lawyer, who published a dissertation on the
marvelous entitled De Rebus Admirabilibus, in which he recounts
miracles that happened in Italy, dreams that were verified, and
the circumstances connected with many apparitions and phantoms,
which he claims to have witnessed. He followed this dissertation
with his celebrated work Genialium Dierum, which contains
many fantastic accounts.
For instance, one evening he set out to join a party of several
friends at a house in Rome said to have been haunted for a long
time by specters and demons. In the middle of the night, when
all of them were assembled in one room, a frightening specter
appeared who called to them in a loud voice and threw about
the ornaments in the room. One of the friends approached the
specter bearing a light, whereupon it disappeared. Several
times afterward the same apparition reentered through the
door. Alexander found that the demon had slid underneath
the couch he was lying on, and on rising from it, he saw a black
arm appear on a table in front of him. By this time several of
the company had retired, and the lights were out, but torches
were brought in answer to their cries of alarm when the specter
opened the door, slid past the advancing domestics, and disappeared.

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