Alliance of Solitary Practitioners
During the 1990s, especially in the wake of several books
calling attention to the situation within the larger Pagan community,
various people began to address the problem of the
solitary practitioner. The contemporary WiccaPagan community
had developed around small groups generally called covens
or groves. Most practitioners have been members of such
groups, for many years the only place where knowledge of the
religion was available. However, with the publication of numerous
books on Pagan practice beginning in the 1970s, the solitary
practitioner who was self-initiated and practiced alone
began to emerge and the number steadily and rapidly grew
through the rest of the twentieth century. Such solitary practitioners
generally made themselves known by their attendance
at the large Pagan gatherings.
Initial attempts to provide networking for solitary Pagans
began in the early 1990s, but the spread of the Internet has
provided a means for solitary Pagans to relate to the larger
Pagan world that both protects their anonymity while providing
a source for information and contact. The Alliance of Solitary
Practitioners (ASP) was formed in January of 1998 to provide
such a means of networking and communication. It was
founded by Reverend Graywolfe and LVG. Graywolfe was attracted
to Paganism through the writings of Amber K and Scott
Cunningham and with a fellow Pagan formed a coven called
the Sacred Grove. He eventually left the Sacred Grove and
founded the Circle of the Sacred Garden. LVG began with the
ouija board and tarot cards that led to widespread reading on
Witchcraft. She eventually joined the Circle of the Sacred Garden.
Though operating in a coven, Graywolfe remembered his
days as a solitary and wanted to do something for other solitary
practitioners and LVG possessed the technical knowledge to
make ASP possible. Its web site, located at http
www.witchcraft.netASP, provides both information and a
means for solitaries to communicate with each other. Solitaries
may also become formal members of ASP. By the end of the
1990s, ASP reported more than 1,300 members in more than
40 countries. While agreeing on a few basics concerning Paganism,
solitary practitioners manifest the widest possible variation
in belief and practice.
Alliance of Solitary Practitioners.
ASP. February 15, 2000.

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