Alternate Perceptions
Alternate Perceptions, formerly UFO Perceptions, was founded
in 1986 by White Buffalo-Eagle Wing, Inc., as a UFO periodical
serving the Mid-South region of the United States. In the late
1990s it broadened its area of concern and has emerged as a
newsstand magazine covering UFOs, paranormal events, and
their links to the Native American community. This latter aspect
gives the magazine its uniqueness.
White Buffalo-Eagle Wing, Inc., published the books of Alternate
Perceptions’ associate editor, Dr. Greg L. Little, that
have argued for a connection between such paranormal occurrences
as the near-death experience, UFO abductions, and
ghostly apparitions on the one hand, and Native American
spiritualism and ancient rituals on the other. Underlying all is
a spectral reality. Ancient Native Americans located specific
places to hold their rituals that had electromagnetic anomalies.
Rituals performed at such sacred sites caused a spectrum of
mental and visual manifestations. Such electromagnetic anomalies
hold the answer to recent phenomena experienced in
the general population.
While the unique perspective guides the magazine’s editorial
policy, each issue includes a wide selection of articles written
by a variety of authors not connected with the editorial staff. Articles
touch on UFOs, Native American archeology, holistic
health, and human potentials. There are also a set of columns
covering recent news of UFOs and paranormal experiences
and a book review section. Significant space is given to lettersto-the-editor.
There is a minimum of advertising. Alternate Perceptions
appears quarterly from its publishing offices at P.O.
Box 830, Memphis, TN 38485. White Buffalo-Eagle Wing, Inc.,
has an Internet presence at
White Eagle Books also publishes a line of psychological counseling
Alternate Perceptions. Memphis, Tenn., n.d.
Little, Greg L. Grand Illusions: The Spectral Reality Underlying
Sexual UFO Abductions, Crashed Saucers, Afterlife Experiences, Sacred
Ancient Sites, and Other Enigmas. Memphis, Tenn.: White
Eagle Books, 1984.
———. People of the Web: What Indian Mounds, Ancient Rituals
and Stone Circles Tell Us About Modern UFO Abductions, Apparitions,
and the Near—Death Experience. Memphis, Tenn.: White
Eagle Books, 1990.

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