Alternative Medicine Exhibition
Sponsored in Britain July 1985 by the journal Here’s Health
and organized by Swan House Special Events, with exhibitors
and workshops in a wide range of subjects, including acupressure
and acupuncture, Alexander Technique, Aromatherapy,
Bach Flower Remedies, biofeedback, herbalism, homeopathy,
hypnotism, iridology, Kirlian photography, osteopathy, and
reflexology. During the year there was significant interest in alternative
medicine, with the formation of the Council for Complementary
and Alternative Medicine and the Confederation of
Healing Organizations. The British Medical Association, with
interests vested in orthodox medical practice, undertook a
major investigation into alternative medicine, and a pilot project
was also undertaken to provide alternative healing on the
National Health Service. For information on the exhibition,
contact Swan House Special Events, Thames Meadow, Walton
Bridge, Shepperton, Middlesex TW17 8LT, England.

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