American Meditation Institute for Yoga
Science and Philosophy
The American Meditation Institute was established in the
mid-1990s by Leonard and Jenness Cortez Perlmutter, both
students of the late Swami Rama (1925–1996), founder of the
Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy,
known for his demonstration of extraordinary skills
while being tested by Western scientists. The Perlmutters began
their study of yoga and meditation in 1975. Leonard Perlmutter
is a graduate of American University and George Washington
University School of Law. Following completion of his
schooling, from 1971–1975 he published and edited the Washington
Park Spirit, a newspaper in Albany, New York. In 1976
he became the president of Classic Gallery. Jenness Cortez Perlmutter
is a landscape artist who studied at the Herron School
of Art and the Art Students League.
The American Meditation Institute offers a broad range of
courses in meditation and yoga and has a correspondence
course in meditation. Groups of the Permutter’s students gather
in various locations around the Northeast and Midwest. The
material they learned as students of Swami Rama forms the
backbone of the institute’s teachings, though material from
other Eastern teachers, especially Eknath Easwaran (d. 1999)
of the Blue Mountain Center for Meditation, has been integrated
into the curriculum. Cordial relationships have also been established
with the Kripalu Yoga Center in Albany.
The American Meditation Institute for Yoga Science and
Philosophy is located at 60 Garner Rd., P.O. Box 430, Averill
Park, NY 12018. It has an Internet site at http It publishes a newsletter, Transformation.
American Meditation Institute. http April 23, 2000.
Transformation. Averille, N.Y., n.d.

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