American Parapsychological Research
Organization founded in 1971 to encourage interest in the
expanding field of parapsychology, to promote an interchange
of knowledge between the public and those in the field, to
bridge the gap between academic parapsychology and the experimental
ESP participation among laymen, and to stimulate
interest in scientific research and encourage public involvement
in future research. The foundation offered a complete
course in parapsychology, including basic theories, principles,
and histories of phenomena involving telepathy, clairvoyance,
hypnosis, and sensory awareness, and psychometry, psychokinesis,
and the human aura. It maintained a consultation and
advisory service and awards a certificate after completion of the
prescribed course of study in the advancement of psychic research
and human understanding. Last known address PO
Box 5395, 15446 Sherman Way, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413.

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