American Vinland Association
The American Vinland Association (AVA), founded in the
1980s, is a fellowship of Pagan folk following the traditions of
Northern and Central Europe. It is based upon the ancient Paganism,
popularly termed Norse, that was practiced from Iceland
across Scandinavia to Poland, Russia, and Siberia. Practitioners
are united in following the same deities, the old gods
of the Aesir and Vanir (the Asatru), but have a wide range of
beliefs and practices and use some very different terminology.
The AVA promotes the reestablishment of the old religions
of Northern and Central Pagan Europe. It has a broad and inclusive
approach that welcomes people who claim to follow Asatru,
Vanatru, Finnish, Swedish, Polish, and indigenous Siberian
traditions, among others that could be in Northern and
Central Europe. The AVA has no official Holy Book, ‘‘accepted’’
sacred catechism, or infallible authority. It does adhere to
the noble virtues and strive for the sixfold goal of Right, Wisdom,
Might, Harvest, Frith (Peace), and Love.
The association is headed by a board of directors, the Jafner.
It functions as a licensing board for priests, priestesses, and elders.
The current Jafnar consists of Andy Biggers (Canada),
Gamlinginn (New Mexico), Prudence Priest (California), and
Dan Proulx (Canada). Regional coordinators have been appointed
for Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Oregon, and New Mexico.
International headquarters is at 537 Jones, San Francisco,
CA 94102. At the end of the century, the AVA had some 100
members in the United States and 20 members in Canada. The
AVA Internet site is at

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