Ananda Ashram
Founded to promote the teachings of Dr. Rammurti S. Mishra,
the ashram presented yoga in a modern context. Mishra
was born in India in a Brahmin family and studied traditional
yoga teachings along with his professional vocation as endocrinologist,
neurosurgeon, and psychiatrist, practicing in
India, Canada, and the United States. He is the author of Fundamentals
of Yoga, a reliable guide to hatha yoga and yoga philosophy,
first published in 1959, which has gone through a
number of editions. He has also published The Textbook of Yoga
Psychology A New Translation and Interpretation of Patanjali’s Yoga
Sutras for Meaningful Application in All Modern Psychologic Disciplines.
Mishra traveled widely, teaching a synthesis of traditional
hatha, karma, and raja yoga in terms acceptable to modern
sciences. Ananda Ashram is a branch of ICSA (Inter Cosmic
Spiritual Association), with branches in various countries. The
ashram may be contacted at RD 3, Box 141, Monroe, New York
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