Ancient and Mystical Order of Seekers
The Ancient and Mystical Order of Seekers was founded in
the 1950s by Clifford Bias (d. 1986), the founder of the Universal
Spiritualist Association, as a society for the clergy and the
more serious lay students in the association. The order explores
the esoteric arts and sciences, those areas generally part
of the work of occult orders and magical groups. Bias produced
a series of manuals, The A.M.O.S. Path of Light, for the order’s
members. The order may be contacted co Universal Institute
for Holistic Studies, 4905 W. University Ave., Muncie, Indiana
[Bias, Clifford]. The A.M.O.S. Path of Light. 19 vols. Muncie,
Ind. Ancient and Mystical Order of Seekers, n.d.

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