Anderson, Rodger I(van) (1943– )
Writer on parapsychology, with special interest in survival,
history of Spiritualism and psychic research, and so-called
‘‘spirit teachings.’’ He was born in 1943 in Springville, Utah,
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. Anderson, Rodger I(van)
and educated at the University of Utah (B.S., English, 1971;
M.S., philosophy, 1974). Anderson grew up with a strong belief
in the occult and the supernatural and was drawn to writings
in parapsychology. He became involved in psychic research because
of the uncritical acceptance of psychic events he found in
many writers. His own interests have centered in the history of
Spiritualism, possibilities of demonstrating survival of death,
and experimental research. He has authored a number of articles,
including philosophical and theological reflections on
parapsychological studies, and co-authored two books with
Rhea A. White On Being Psychic A Reading Guide (2nd ed.,
1989) and Psychic Experiences A Bibliography (1990). In 1983 he
won the Robert H. Ashby Memorial Award offered annually by
the Academy of Religion and Psychical Research.
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