Angel of North America
The Angel of North America is a spiritual entity who speaks
through Virginia housewife Patricia Ann Meyer. Meyer, born
in Virginia in the 1960s, was raised a devout Roman Catholic.
She married during her college years and the first of her two
children was born in 1985. In 1986 she received her Ph.D. from
the College of William and Mary and settled in the Tidewater
area of Virginia. Three years later she took a job in Richmond,
In 1991, Meyer’s husband, Jerry, began to hear voices. He
did not let anyone know what was happening for two years.
Only after he read James Redfield’s book, The Celestial
Prophecy, which discussed the phenomenon of increased communications
from the spirit world, did he relax his fears and seriously
listen. Subsequently he told his wife the story that three
angels had come to him as messengers of God. They said that
the world’s wickedness was leading to a punishment through
which God would cleanse the wickedness from the Earth
(through a series of natural disasters). He was a chosen survivor
who would assist other survivors to recover what was left after
the punishment. The angels spoke for some four months.
After Jerry shared the message he had received with his wife,
she asked to be part of what could be done to possibly prevent
the disasters. Soon afterwards, a single angel called the Teacher,
or the Angel of North America, began to speak to her, and
she recorded the messages on her computer. During the next
two years, the angel told Meyer that society no longer accepted
the existence of evil and had allowed it to become part of its
life. However, God would not send the punishment without
also offering an opportunity for people to exercise their free
will and to choose what is good. The angel came to give the
warning. Meyer related the Angel of North America coming to
her with the 1990s emphasis on angel contact, but her angel
denied such an interpretation. Rather, her angel pointed to the
necessity of prayer and adherence to the Ten Commandments
as the means of saving ourselves. The angel spoke against what
was defined as the liberal spirit of the age that lost a sense of
moral right and wrong in the attempt to allow all to act and
think as they will.
The initial selection of messages from the Angel of North
America was published in 1996, and Meyer invited assistance
in spreading the words of the angel. The message is for the 20-
year period (1995–2015). If people continue to ignore the evil
and refuse to change their ways, the punishment (such as occurred
in Egypt when Moses warned the Pharaoh) will come.
The Meyers continue to circulate the angel’s message, though
to date a second volume of messages has not been released.
Meyer, Patricia. The Teachings of the Angel of North America.
Book 1 How to Save Your Soul and Your Society. Richmond, Va.
Oaklea Press, 1996.

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