Angoff, Allan (1910–1998)
Editor and librarian in the field of parapsychology. Angoff
was the editor of Tomorrow for the Parapsychology Foundation
and a frequent contributor to the Journal of Parapsychology. He
was a major advocate of establishing a central parapsychological
Born July 30, 1910, in Boston, Massachusetts, he studied at
both Boston University and Columbia University. He was a
journalist and book critic for Boston Evening Transcript
(1934–39) and assistant editor of North American Review
(1940–42). Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, he joined
the U.S. Army and served as a staff sergeant (1942–45). After
the war he became an associate editor at Creative Age Press
(1945–46). He joined the staff of Tomorrow magazine as managing
editor in 1946. After five years with the Parapsychology
Foundation, he moved on successively to be editor-in-chief of
Emerson Books, New York (1951–52); editor-in-chief, New
York University Press (1953–57); chairman of Evaluation Committee,
Adult School of Montcalm, N.J. (1958–59); readers’ adviser
at Montclair Public Library (1957–60); and since 1960 assistant
director of Fair Lawn (N.J.) Public Library. He also
served as book review editor of Tomorrow (1958–62) and as administrative
secretary of the Parapsychology Foundation, New
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