Anselm de Parma (d. 1440)
An astrologer born in Parma, where he died in 1440. He
wrote Astrological Institutions, a work that has never been printed.
Johan Weyer and some other demonologists classed Anselm
with sorcerers, because certain charlatans, who healed
sores by means of mysterious words, had taken the name of
‘‘Anselmites.’’ It has been noted by Naudé, however, that, in
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. Anselm de Parma
fact, sorcerers claimed to have received their gift of healing not
from Anselm of Parma, but from St. Anselm of Canterbury.
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Johann Weyer, De Praestigiis. Edited by George Mora.
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