Anthropological Research Foundation
The Anthropological Research Foundation was a short-lived
channeling group that formed in the early 1970s during the
period of discord within Cosmic Awareness Communications
following the death of William Ralph Duby, the primary channel
for the group. The group was organized in San Diego, California,
by Jack T. Fletcher and Pat Fletcher and built around
the work of a new channel, trance medium Danton Spivey.
Spivey claimed to be the continuing voice of ‘‘Conscious Awareness,’’
the universal mystical entity who had spoken through
The organization took its name from its goal of discovering
a new culture characterized by wholeness and overcoming the
forces that divided humans from each other. They felt that the
resources for such wholeness could be found in the ancient cultures
of Atlantis and Lemuria.
The organization announced its existence with a magazine,
Aware, but it soon faded from the scene and disbanded.

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