Anthroposophical Society
Organization founded in 1924 by Rudolf Steiner
(1861–1925) to teach an occult philosophy relating man to his
natural environment, with special emphasis on the significance
of color and rhythm. The name, which derives from the book
Anthroposophia Theomagica by seventeenth-century mystic
Thomas Vaughan, implies wisdom relating to man. Anthroposophy
covers a wide range of enlightened activity—
education, music, painting, eurythmy, biodynamic farming,
medicine, and architecture.
The society provides a foundation for over 10,000 anthroposophical
institutions worldwide. Drawing largely upon
the work and lectures of the late Rudolf Steiner, the society has
established a high standard of enlightened community activity
and culture. The Anthroposophical Press issues titles by Steiner
and other writers in the English language. The society
has an international headquarters building named the Goetheanum
(acknowledging Steiner’s debt to the writings of Goethe)
at Postfach 134, CH-4143, DornachSwitzerland. Website
Anthroposophical Society.
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