Aquarian Foundation
The Aquarian Foundation was a Spiritualist church built
around the mediumship of its founder Rev. Keith Milton
Rhinehart. It was founded in 1955 and existed for several decades
as a single congregation in Seattle. Rhinehart articulated
an eclectic occult perspective that combined elements of Theosophy
and Eastern religion with more traditional Spiritualism.
Rhinehart also claimed contact with the ascended masters
identified with the Theosophical Society. Through the 1960s
Rhinehart gained some fame as a ‘‘materialization’’ medium.
In the 1970s his ideas began to spread across the United States
and into Canada. Rhinehart claimed to possess the stigmata,
the extraordinary appearance of the wounds of Christ, which
appeared on his body and were seen by many.
The work of the Aquarian Foundation centered upon contact
with the ascended masters, who constituted the Great
Brotherhood of Cosmic Light (termed by some the Great
White Brotherhood), the spiritual hierarchy that mediates divine
energies to humanity. Many of the sessions during which
Rhinehart channeled messages from the masters have been recorded,
transcribed, printed, and were distributed to the foundations’s
various centers.
The brotherhood affirmed a belief in karma and reincarnation,
the evolution of the soul, the law of cause and effect, and
the eventual attainment of personal mastery. Among those contacted
by Rhinehart were Saint Germain, Master Morya, Sanat
Kumara, and Djual Khul (all prominent figures in Theosophy
and the I Am Movement). Also included among the masters
were the Angel Moroni (the angel who gave the Book of Mormon
to Joseph Smith Jr.), Mahatma Ghandi, and flying saucer
entities Clarion and Ashtar. The foundation’s last known address
was 315 15th Ave. E., Seattle, WA 98112.
Rhinehart, Keith Milton. Soul Mates and Twin Rays. Seattle,
Wash. Aquarian Foundation, 1972.

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