An early ghost story told by the ancient Greek writer Lucian
(second century C.E.). The story relates that at Corinth, in the
Cranaüs quarter, there was a certain house that no one would
inhabit, because it was haunted by a specter. A man named Arignote,
well versed in the lore of Egyptian magical books, shut
himself in the house to pass the night and began to read peacefully
in the court. Soon the specter made its appearance, and
in order to frighten Arignote, it first took the form of a dog,
then that of a bull, and finally that of a lion. But Arignote was
not at all disturbed. He admonished the specter by a magic
spell that he found in his books, and he commanded it to go
to a corner of the court, where it disappeared. On the following
day the spot to which the specter had retreated was dug up, and
a skeleton was found. When it was properly buried, the ghost
was not seen again. This anecdote is an adaptation of the adventure
of Athenodorus, which Lucian had read in Pliny.

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