Arthur Findlay College
A residential center in Essex, England, administered by the
Spiritualists’ National Union, where students may attend
courses on Spiritualist philosophy, practice, healing, and related
subjects. These courses are wide ranging, including acupuncture,
radionics, meditation, relaxation, color therapy, and
Taoism as well as subjects directly related to Spiritualism, such
as the practice of mediumship. The college is situated on 15
acres of land in pleasant surroundings and includes the Britten
Memorial Museum, devoted to exhibits concerned with the
history of Spiritualism and psychic phenomena.
The college is named for pioneer Spiritualist J. Arthur
Findlay (1883–1964), the author of a number of well-known
Spiritualist works. Address Stansted Hall, Stansted, Mountfichet,
Essex CM24 8UD, England.

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