Ashkir-Jobson Trianion
A guild of psychical researchers formed during the 1930s in
Britain to develop apparatus to facilitate communication with
spirits of the dead. The name derived from the individuals concerned
George Jobson (an engineer who first introduced the
telephone into Britain), A. J. Ashdown, and B. K. Kirkby, and
was associated with the mediumship of Mrs. I. E. Singleton
(who became warden of the Ashkir-Jobson Trianion Guild).
Jobson, Kirkby, and Ashdown were preoccupied with the
question of proving survival after death, and they formed a pact
that whoever passed away would attempt to communicate with
his comrades through an agreed signal—the initials ‘‘B. K. K.’’
In 1930, within three months of the passing of Jobson, the signal
was received through a medium not formerly known to the
three, and thereafter instructions were communicated for the
construction of instruments to facilitate spirit communication.
The Ashkir-Jobson Trianion was formed as a nonprofit guild
to produce apparatus, which included the Reflectograph and
Communigraph. Another instrument, named the AshkirJobson
Vibrator, was designated to produce a continuous musical
tone to create a harmonious influence at séances. The vibrator
was operated by clockwork, which activated an ‘‘A’’ tuning
fork, sending out sonorous but subdued sound vibrations, sustained
for up to three hours.

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