The reverse of apport phenomena—the disappearance of
objects from the séance room through the barriers of intervening
matter and their appearance at another spot. It is seldom
attempted as an independent demonstration and may more
often form part of an apport materialization, as in the Millesimo
séances with the Marquis Centurione Scotto and Mme. Fabian
In a sitting on July 8, 1928, the members of the circle were
tapped by a little parchment drum and Rossi and Mme. la Marquise
Luisa felt their hands squeezed by two iron mittens. At the
conclusion of the sittings, these objects were no longer in the
room. The drum was found in the large salon where it previously
stood, while the mittens were discovered at the foot of the
suit of armor from which they had previously been detached.
Hack, Gwendolyn K. Modern Psychic Mysteries Millesimo Castle,
Italy. London, 1929.

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