Association for Astrological Networking
AFAN was founded in Chicago in 1983 by members of the
American Federation of Astrology who were dissatisfied with
some of its more conservative policies. The new organization
took an aggressive stance toward changing public opinion
about astrology, seeking to reverse negative rulings concerning
astrological practice in the courts and to promote networking
among different astrological organizations.
AFAN began by creating an open, democratic organization.
In 1984 it moved to Europe and became a catalyst for networking
among European astrological organizations. At the 1987
World Astrological Congress in Zurich, delegates created the
Astrological Registration and Communication. In 1986 AFAN
joined with the Institute for the Study of American Religion
(ISAR) and the National Council for Geocosmic Research in
sponsoring the first United Astrology Congress (UAC), which
has met at regular intervals since.
On the legal front, AFAN prepared a legal information kit
for astrologers, began write-in campaigns to overturn antiastrology
ordinances in various cities, worked to defeat an antiastrology
statute in Los Angeles County, and backed a case in
the California courts guaranteeing astrologers their rights in
the state. The long-term strategy is to have the federal courts
recognize the legitimacy of astrology.
A media-watch program was instituted to respond to negative
coverage of astrology in the United States and Canada. Incorrect
statements are refuted and a positive image is projected.
As of the mid-1990s, AFAN established an international network
of astrologers on every continent. It publishes a newsletter,
operates a speakers bureau, and manages an education
scholarship fund. AFAN’s council includes a number of nationally
and internationally known astrologers. Address 8306 Wilshire
Blvd., Ste. 537, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Website http