Association for Research and Enlightenment
An organization founded by the late Edgar Cayce
(1877–1945) in 1931. Cayce, one of the outstanding psychics of
the twentieth century, gave readings almost daily during his
mature years on subjects ranging from diagnosis of illness to
astrology, reflections on future earth changes, and the nature
of the afterlife. Known as ‘‘the sleeping prophet,’’ he gave
many thousands of readings to clients who consulted him. He
spoke in a rapidly induced trance condition resembling normal
sleep, and his statements were taken down by a stenographer.
Cayce moved to Virginia Beach in the 1920s. With the backing
of Morton Blumenthal, a wealthy businessman, Cayce
hoped to develop a hospital and university. The former opened
in 1928 and the latter in 1930, but both failed along with Blumenthal’s
business enterprises in 1931. With the readings as
the basic means of support, Cayce and his close associates
founded two organizations the Association for Research and
Enlightenment, (ARE), a public fellowship of Cayce’s clients
and followers; and the Edgar Cayce Foundation, a private corporation
to hold the Cayce papers (especially the transcripts of
the readings) and the property.
After Cayce’s death in 1945, his son Hugh Lynn Cayce became
head of the ARE. Personnel began the process of sorting,
indexing, and studying the approximately 14,000 transcripts of
the Cayce readings. Hugh Lynn began an aggressive program
of building the association, but not until the late 1960s, when
Jess Stern’s biography of Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet (1967), became
a best-seller, did the ARE begin to grow appreciably. In
the wake of The Sleeping Prophet’s success, Hugh Lynn contracted
with Paperback Library to do a series of books based on the
readings. These became highly successful and made the ARE
one of the largest and most stable associations in the psychic
The ARE sponsors lectures, symposia, psychic research,
prayer and meditation workshops, a summer camp, and Search
for God study groups. It maintains a therapy department and
a 60,000-volume library on metaphysics, psychic phenomena,
and related subjects. The Edgar Cayce Foundation has custody
of the readings and conducts a continuous program of indexing,
extracting, microfilming, and otherwise organizing the
material in the data files, which are open to the public in print
form and on CD-ROM disc. The ARE has sponsored a host of
books and booklets on the Cayce materials, some published by
the foundation and some by commercial publishers. Several
periodicals are produced, including Venture Inward, The New
Millennium, and Chrysalis Rising, a quarterly newsletter for its
Search For God group members.
The association, which seeks to give physical, mental, and
spiritual help through investigation of the Cayce readings, runs
a Health Services Department offering massages, steams, etc.,
closely tied to its CayceReilly School of Massotherapy and a
Health Research and Rejuvenation Center, involved in applying
the health readings and information to many different disEncyclopedia
of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. Association for Research and Enlightenment
ease conditions. The association also maintains an affiliation
with Atlantic University, which offers a master’s degree program
in Transpersonal Studies.
Currently headed by Edgar Cayce’s grandson, Charles
Thomas Cayce, the ARE may be contacted at 215 67th St., Virginia
Beach, Virginia 23451-2061. Website
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