Association for the Alignment of Past Life
The Association for the Alignment of Past Life Experience
grew out of the work of Morris Netherton, a pioneer practitioner
of past life therapy. He began his career as a psychological
counselor with the Los Angeles County Probation Department
for 14 years before moving into private practice. Here he was
able to work with the idea of reincarnation and previous embodied
lives as a tool in psychotherapy. In 1978 he wrote the
original book on regression therapy, Past Life Therapy, that included
accounts of people who had been regressed to birth
andor to a previous existence as part of their healing treatment.
Continued work with regression therapy led him to develop
what is now known as the Netherton Method of past life
therapy. Netherton’s second book on the therapeutic techniques,
Past Life Discovery & Integration A Teaching Manual, appeared
in 1996.
The association was founded to teach and practice the Netherton
Method. It is the assumption of the Netherton Method
that one’s current life can be enriched by knowledge of one’s
past life experiences. Netherton does not use any formal hypnotic
induction, but relies upon the existence of hypnotic states
that remain in the patient from prior traumatic experiences
and are still unresolved in the present. While it is Netherton’s
opinion that a belief in reincarnation is not necessary to successfully
use his method, it is also his opinion that those undergoing
therapy should integrate personal religious beliefs with
the techniques and procedures. Such integration allows the
process to be experienced fully by all aspects of the self. For
some people, the experiences of past life therapy may lead to
a radical change in spiritual perspectives.
The association offers classes leading to certification as a
past life therapist in the Netherton Method. It includes an introductory
weekend, a set of classes, and supervised clinical sessions.
Any professional who completes the training may be certified.
The association may be contacted through its Internet
site at
Association for the Alignment of Past Life Experience. http May 20, 2000.
Netherton, Morris. Past Life Discovery & Integration A Teaching
Manual. Privately printed, 1996.
———. Past Life Therapy. New York William Morrow, 1986.

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