Association for the Scientific Study of
Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP)
British organization founded June 10, 1981, to obtain,
store, process, and disseminate information concerning areas
of human experience and observed phenomena for which no
generally acceptable explanation is as yet forthcoming; to encourage
and aid investigation and research into these phenomena
by investigative groups; and to provide a multidisciplinary
forum for the exchange of views and information concerning
these phenomena. ‘‘Anomaly’’ is defined as ‘‘irregularity, deviation
from the common or natural order, exception condition
or circumstance,’’ and anomalous phenomena cover a wide
field of the paranormal as well as Fortean phenomena, including
altered states of consciousness, apparitions, electronic
voice phenomenon, extrasensory perception, falls, firewalking,
healing, hypnosis, levitation, ley lines, metal bending,
out-of-the-body experiences, poltergeists, telepathy, UFOs,
ASSAP, an integrating body with no corporate views, discouraged
dogmatism while it adopted a scientific approach at
all times. It did not wish to replace existing organizations in the
field but rather support and encourage them. It published
ASSAP Newsletter. Its quarterly journal, Common Ground, ceased
publication in 1984. Last known address 30 South Row, London
SE3 ORY, England.

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