Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara
The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara was founded
in 1965 by Sister Thedra (the religious name of Dorothy Martin),
a New Age channel. However, the association was rooted
in more than a decade of prior channeling activity. In the
1950s Martin had been the leader of an early UFO contactee
group that became the subject of a famous sociological study,
When Prophecy Fails (1956). She was identified as Mrs. Keech in
the study.
In When Prophecy Fails, the group was described as breaking
up, but Martin went on to a lengthy career as a channel and
leader within the contactee community. In 1954, after the disruption
of the group in Illinois, she moved to Peru. She later
explained that she had been healed by Sananda (Jesus) and instructed
to go to South America. Much of that time was spent
at the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays, the community established
by fellow contactee George Hunt Williamson. These
years were a time of intense growth, and before returning to the
United States she began to send out transcripts of the messages
she was receiving from the masters.
In 1961 Sister Thedra returned to the United States and settled
in Arizona. She established the Association of Sananda and
Sanat Kumara in 1965 and a short time later relocated to
Mount Shasta, California. In 1988 she and the group returned
to Sedona, Arizona. The association existed as a far-flung network
of people who received the teachings of those who spoke
through Sister Thedra. The advanced beings she channeled
were seen as both spiritually advanced and coming from outer
Martin has since died and no new channel has arisen to take
her place. The association may be reached at 2675 W. Highway
89-A, #454, Sedona, AZ 86336, where the newsletter, Call to
Arms may be obtained.
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