Astrological Association
British professional organization for astrologers. The Astrological
Association grew out of the desire of John Addey to end
the chaos he found in astrological thought and practice in the
1950s. He believed he had found a uniting force in his discovery
of harmonic patterns in his astrological research. The orgaAstro
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nization was founded in 1958, and among those who gave it
blessings was C. E. O. Carter, the most prominent British astrologer
at the time.
Addey found little enthusiasm for his harmonic theories, yet
the other goals of the association have proved sufficient to
maintain it as a vital organization. Addey served as president
for more than a decade (1951–63) and Charles Harvey presided
over the association until his death in February 2000. The
association puts out two journals, Journal, published six times
a year and Correlation, an academic journal published twice annually.
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