Astrological Lodge of London
The Astrological Lodge of London was established in 1915
as the Astrological Lodge of the Theosophical Society by Alan
Leo (pen name of William Frederick Allen). Leo had been both
an enthusiastic Theosophist and professional astrologer for
many years. The lodge continued the thrust of two earlier organizations,
the Astrological Society (founded in 1895) and the
Society for Astrological Research (founded in 1903), in both
of which Leo had taken a leadership role. Unfortunately, he
died in 1917 and the lodge languished for several years. It was
revived in the 1920s by C. E. O. Carter, who remained its president
until 1952. He turned it into the most influential astrological
organization in Great Britain. In 1948 Carter led in the
founding of the Faculty of Astrological Studies, a school sponsored
by the lodge. Lodge Address 50 Gloucester Pl., London
W1H 4EA, England.
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Calif. Wilshire Book Co., 1970.

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