Atlantis Rising
Atlantis Rising is a newsstand magazine that focuses upon alternative
scientific perspectives, especially anomalistic events,
ancient mysteries, and those scientific findings that appear to
contradict current scientific consensus. The issues the magazine
highlights are those that would, if accepted into contemporary
science, most likely force scientists to alter their views
of the world. Among the issues frequently touched upon are Atlantis,
catastrophism, cold fusion and free energy, time travel,
ancient astronauts, the unexpected wisdom of ancient peoples,
parapsychology, and UFOs.
Founded in 1994 as an oversized quarterly, Atlantis Rising
has given support to writers such as Graham Hancock and Zecharia
Sitchin who have championed an alternative view of history.
Hancock emerged in the 1990s as the major voice challenging
the common view of historians that Western civilization
emerged approximately 5,000 years ago. Rather, Hancock argues,
civilization is much older and the ancients possessed a
dramatically higher level of technology than we have supposed.
Sitchin, whose initial book, The 12th Planet, appeared just as the
ancient astronaut hypothesis appeared to have run its course
in the 1980s, has subsequently published a series of popular
books arguing for extraterrestrial intervention in the human
past. While finding a popular audience, as a whole the views
championed by Hancock and Sitchin failed to find any support
from mainstream academics.
Each issue of Atlantis Rising carries a set of feature articles on
alternative science and reproduces news reports that tend to
confirm views of the world outside of the current scientific consensus.
Each issue also carries an extensive catalog of books and
audio visuals that support the magazine’s general editorial position.
With issue 22 in 1999, the magazine dropped its oversized
format in favor of a more conventional one in order to
overcome objections of distributors who refused to handle oddsized
publications. Its publication headquarters may be contacted
at P.O. Box 441, Livingston, MT 59047. Its webpage is
Atlantis Rising. February 28,

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