Aubert, George (ca. 1920)
Nonprofessional French musical medium who claimed to
play the piano under the control of classical composers. His
performance was investigated in 1906 by the Institut Général
Psychologique in Paris. Various tests were devised to eliminate
conscious operation. They asked him to play a Mozart Sonata
blindfolded and started two gramophones at the same time,
leading the tubes of them into his ears. He did it to perfection.
In another experiment Aubert continued playing while he read
slowly and attentively a philosophical work that was put before
him. The names of the spirit musicians were given as Beethoven,
Berlioz, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Chopin, Schumann, Liszt,
Wagner, and others. Aubert never studied harmony, technique,
or improvisation. However, his improvisations were never reproduced
and, all except the records taken at the Institut Général
Psychologique, are lost. The story of Aubert’s mediumship
is told by himself in La Mediumnité Spirite (Paris, 1920). Similar
musical mediumship has been demonstrated by Rosemary
Brown and Jesse F. G. Shepard.

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