Avalon, Arthur
Pseudonym of Sir John George Woodroffe (1865–1936), a
prominent British administrator in India. He was educated at
Oxford University and the Inner Temple, London, where he
qualified as a barrister. He was advocate, Calcutta High Court,
1890; fellow and Tagore Law Professor, University of Calcutta;
standing counsel to the Government of India, 1902–03; Puisne
Judge of the High Court of Calcutta, 1904–22; and officiating
chief justice of Bengal, November 1915. Upon returning to England,
he was reader in Indian Law at Oxford University,
He published scholarly translations of rare Hindu esoteric
religious scriptures and became a leading authority on Hindu
tantra and yoga.
Avalon, Arthur. The Garland of Letters Varnamala; Studies in
the Mantra-Shastra. Madras, India Ganesh, 1922.
———. The Serpent Power. Madras, India Ganesh, 1924.
———. Shakti and Shakta. 3d ed. Madras, India Ganesh,

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