Avalon (or Avillion)
The enchanted island of Arthurian legend. This terrestrial
paradise was known in Welsh mythology as Ynys Avallach (Isle
of Apples) or possibly related to the Celtic king of the dead
named Avalloc or Afallach. In Geofrey of Manmouth’s twelfthcentury
chronicle of King Arthur, Historia Regum Britanniae, it
was noted that Arthur’s sword was forged in Avalon, and he was
returned to Avalon after his last battle so his wounds could heal.
In 1191 the monks at Glastonbury announced that it was
identical to Avalon and that they had discovered Arthur’s burial
site. As evidence they produced a cross bearing Arthur’s name
and the place’s name, Avalonia, which had been found alongside
an exhumed body. Today, replicas of the cross are sold at
Glastonbury Abbey.
Lacy, Norris J. The Arthurian Encyclopedia. New York Garland
Publishing, 1986.

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