Awareness is a holistic health and New Age networking periodical
based in Orange County, California. It primarily serves
the greater Los Angeles area, but includes a special section devoted
to the San Diego area. Based primarily around health
concerns, it has adopted the format pioneered by Common
Ground, the original New Age networking magazine based in
San Francisco.
Awareness, subtitled ‘‘A Guide to Healthy Living for the New
Millennium,’’ unites an interest in preventive medicine, proper
diets, alternative healing methods, and natural remedies. Each
issue carries a set of short articles and columns that explore the
use of foods and herbs to build and keep a healthy body, various
energy-based healing techniques such as qigong and acupuncture,
and different forms of New Age counseling. While
clearly emphasizing holistic health concerns, the articles also
reach out to cover paranormal experiences and New Age spirituality.
Awareness, distributed free throughout Southern California,
is built around its advertisements. Each issue carries a ‘‘Resource
Directory’’ of different groups and health and counseling
practitioners, supplemented by numerous display ads.
While each issue carries several lengthy feature articles, most
articles are slightly veiled advertisements, detailing current services
and events, and drawing upon publicity material from the
sponsoring group. There is also a column reviewing recently
published books, CDs, and videos, the content also largely
drawn from publicity material and each item including information
for ordering the item.
Awareness appears bimonthly. It is published at 7441 Garden
Grove Blvd., Ste. C, Garden Grove, CA 92841. Website http
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